April Devereaux
Age 13 years old
First seen Red Moon Rising
Last seen School Dance
Portrayer Nicola Duffell

April Devereaux is one of the main characters of the show along with Red Sharkey, Mia Stone and Fletcher Moon. She is the Queen Bee of her high school.

Series Edit

April Devereux is the teacher's pet - and an aspiring criminal mastermind. Whilst all the teachers and parents love her, the school kids know her as leader of 'The Pinks'. Her Birthday is April 27.

April considers herself merely to be an entrepreneur, who sees an opportunity and takes it. April would never entertain the idea that she is the sort of low life thief that Half Moon would investigate.

She believes she is above that level of criminal activity and more importantly above Half Moon's kiddie detecting games - she has an empire to run.

Self-serving, manipulative, and clever enough to cover her tracks, April's charms ensure that her nose stays clean. She sends in her minions to work on her behalf and uses her astute judgement to plan her own.