Half Moon Investigations is a children's crime/comedy drama television series created by the BBC and based upon the novel of the same name.

It concerns a schoolboy, Fletcher Moon, who spends much of his spare time solving petty crimes around his school, St Jerome's. 13 episodes were first broadcast between January and March 2009. The series was filmed in and around a disused secondary school, located in Bellshill, North Lanarkshire.

Episodes Edit

  1. Red Moon Rising
  2. Text Bully
  3. Purple Pool
  4. Prefect Imperfect
  5. Ghost Fever
  6. The Curse Of The Emerald Phoenix
  7. Les Jeunes Etudiantes
  8. Sick Note
  9. President Herod
  10. The Beiderbeck Tapes
  11. Moonstruck
  12. A Kind Of Magic
  13. School Dance