Mia Stone
Age 13 years old
First seen Red Moon Rising
Last seen School Dance
Portrayer Olivia Grant

Mia Stone is one of the main characters of the show along Red Sharkey, Fletcher Moon and April Devereaux.

Series Edit

Mia is the sassy, straight-talking journalist for the school newspaper, always in pursuit of her latest scoop. If Half Moon wants the truth; Mia just wants the story.Mia is a social butterfly, dropping into social groups to get the latest information. She tends to only help Half Moon's investigation when it furthers her story or when Half Moon can convince her she'll get a scoop out of it in the end.

Mia's knowledge of playground politics and her ability to read a social situation in a second is invaluable. She brings the emotional intelligence that Half Moon and Red's investigations sorely lack.

Half Moon thinks Mia would make a fantastic detective but it's the story Mia is after and this can lead her into her own moral dilemmas. In one part she admits her zodiac sign is Gemini making her born somewhere in June. Mia has a secret soft spot for Red, but being Mia, this is expressed by being meaner to Red than everyone else.