Red Sharkey
Age 13 years old
First seen Red Moon Rising
Last seen School Dance
Portrayer Rory Elrick

Red Sharkey is one of the main characters of the show along with Fletcher Moon, Mia Stone and April Devereaux.

Series Edit

Red is Half Moon's unlikely partner. Son of a reformed, locally-notorious criminal family, Red is a year older than Half Moon but has been kept back in school due to absenteeism and poor grades.

In the best tradition of crime-busting duos the pairing is not without a bit of disagreement. Moon sticks to the rules, Red knows how to break them but their friendship is built on trust and a mutual respect. Red abhors crime and has felt at first hand the tarnish of being wrongly accused. While Moon is the brains of the investigation, Red tends to charge into situations without thinking about the consequences. His Birthday is February 17 1991 and his zodiac sign is Aquarius as stated in the zodiac section of the school newpaper by Mia.