Text Bully
Series 01, Episode 02
Air Date 12th January 2009
Previous Red Moon Rising
Next Purple Pool

Text Bully is the second episode of the first series of Half Moon Investigations , which was first broadcast on 12th January 2009.

Summary Edit

Mobile phones are going missing at St Jerome's. Hungry for their first proper case, Moon and Red are on to it. They soon realise that their thief is also sending abusive texts, but not before friends fall out and alliances are destroyed by the text bully.

But will Moon and Red be able to find the thief's identity before complete anarchy sets in? Meanwhile Moon's sister Hazel longs for Goth Dogboy to notice her - but he only has eyes for Red's sister Genie. When he offers the perennially skint Genie a ticket for a gig, she vows to somehow get the money - Hazel is on her tail. But will Hazel's quest to attract Dogboy's attention be a lost cause?